VidRaffle Review — A List Building Tool Using The Power Of Gamification And Raffles.

What exactly is VidRaffle?

Revolutionary Video Gamification cloud software that produces Tempting Video Raffle Games that explode email marketing lists and sales for you or your clients.

You can create addictive raffle games using VidRaffle that offer instant rewards that people can’t resist.

This advertising and marketing suite includes agency rights on the front end, allowing you to provide a valuable service to small businesses by running a Gamification Lead Agency.

You can turn DYING opt-in forms into list-building machines using gamification technology.

VidRaffle combines the power of gamification and video to transform inactive email opt-in forms into attractive raffles that people can’t resist, allowing you to grow your list quicker than ever before.

You can engage and excite visitors with VidRaffle by providing a fun game to play. If visitors can win a prize, they can definitely input their email addresses.

Also, with video, you can develop a personal connection with your audience to build confidence and get them enthusiastic about the prize. As a result, your email opt-ins will skyrocket and you’ll be able to build a list faster than you’ve ever imagined.

Only four simple steps to create a lead-generating machine:

  • Pick a Raffle Lead Game:

Choose from games like VidScratch, CraneClaw, Memory, Slot Machine, and more to start capturing leads.

  • Customize the Lead Game:

Choose from DFY templates and add multiple fonts, emojis, buttons, graphics, page load animations, and more to your game. Advanced options such as prizes and victory probability are included.

  • Embed the game wherever you want or sell it:

Then, sell clients the game or access to the app, and embed your lead game anywhere to begin taking leads. This works on mobile or desktop.

  • Visitors Win Prizes & Watch Your Video:

A visitor will play the game, win a gift, and then view an optional video pushing them to provide their best email address in order to receive their game prize.


Names — Rohan Chaudhari and Harshal Jadhav.

Company — Rack infotech pvt ltd.

They are experienced product creators and online marketers. Few previous good products of the same vendors are Vidpresent, Videogamesuite, Quiztarget, etc.

How it works?

Step 1:

  • Your visitors take part in a raffle game.
  • They are awarded a prize (e.g coupon code, report, software, consultation.)

Step 2:

  • The lead capture screen is displayed to the players.
  • They take a look at the prize they’ve won.
  • There’s also a video explaining the reward and why they should enter their email address to claim it.
  • They are eager to enter their email in order to claim the prize they have earned.

Step 3:

  • After joining up, players are sent to a thank you page.
  • The prize has been delivered.
  • Include a thank you video to upsell other services and instruct them on how to claim their reward.

VidRaffle Review; Exciting features:

  • Create traditional Raffle Lead Games with Coins, Tickets, or Balls for a massive opt-in rate.
  • Advanced Drag-and-Drop Interface allows you to effortlessly customize games and video thank you pages with logos, videos, CTAs, and other elements.
  • Encourage visitors to hand over their best email address and contact information in exchange for a prize with your or someone else’s video by using DFY Hosting.
  • Triple Opt-in Rates with Psychology- Gamification has been shown to increase opt-in rates, which means more results for you and your agency clients.
  • Create different game lead prizes and the possibility that someone will win a game ranging from 0% to 100%.
  • Mesmerizing DFY Templates — create games from scratch or use DFY templates using the ‘blank canvas’ editor.
  • Advanced Game Customization — add hundreds of fonts, emojis, animations, graphics, sound effects, and more to your lead games.
  • Sell the lead games at any price or sell access to the app for a four-figure monthly subscription with agency and commercial rights included.
  • And a whole lot more…

Excellent customer support.

Fully responsive to mobile devices.

Integration with an autoresponder.

It can be used with any page builder.

Deep Analytical Techniques.

Simple to Use with In-App Tutorials.

Integration of Unsplash and Pexels.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the links in the article on this are affiliate links, meaning that some of the purchasing made through the links will give me a commission, without any additional cost occurring to you.




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